EAE StompMix X6 Floor Digital Mixer with Lithium Battery and Bluetooth

EAE StompMix X6 Floor Digital Mixer with Lithium Battery and Bluetooth

EAE StompMIX X6 Floor digital Mixer with Lithium Battery and Bluetooth

StompMIX X6 - 6 channels Floor Digital Mixer with Lithium Battery and Bluetooth

The StompMix X6 packed a 32-bit DSP engine to a lightweight and compact stomp box package.  The X6 offers a full featured, highly intuitive 6 channels Digital Mixer with a Color Display.  The powerful DSP engine provides a compressor, limiter, Mid sweepable EQ, Highpass Filter, Notch Filter, Phase reverse to each of the 4 Mic inputs.  The X6 features Reverb/Chorus effects processors with dedicated mix bus, an assignable Delay effects processor, and 4 Class A solid-state Mic pre-amps with +48V Phantom power.  You will also have the ability to stream and/or mix your Bluetooth inputs from your MP3 player or Phone for backtracking and in between sets music. We added 2 Footswitches allowing instant access to stored scenes for easy and fast setup.  The X6 is powered by a rechargeable 3300mAh Lithium Iron Phosphate (LifePO4) battery for portability, convienence and freedom to be off grid, going to where no Digital Mixer has go on before!

Some Screen Shots from the X6 (D6-8) DSP engine. We may update our firmware to add functions as we get feedback from our customers.

X6 features

  • 6-Channel Full-Featured Digital Mixer
  • 2 High Z, 4 Mic and 6 Line inputs
  • +48V Phantom Power
  • Independent Effects on each channel
  • Noise Gate, Compressor, EQ, Reverb,
    Chorus, Delay, & more
  • Main MIX (XLR) output EQ
  • Main Mix headphone outputs (1/8″ jack)
  • Bluetooth & Auxiliary Input
  • MAIN and AUX output level controls,
  • Main MIX and AUX MIX Outputs
  • Main MIX (MUTE) – via Footswitch
  • Scenes Change  – via Footswitches.
  • Metal chassis
  • Panel-mounted POTs/Jacks
  • AC supply/ Battery Charger
  • Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Up to 4-6 hours of play time
  • Fast Charging time.
  • Designed and assembled in USA

Check out this video from Singer Songwriter Don Alder on how to use the StompMix X6 for Multiple Pickups.