Founded and based in Los Angeles, California, bridging the gap between cutting edge technology and analog purity; Elite Acoustics Engineering designs, manufactures advance and innovative live-performance audio systems.  Incorporated since 2010, Elite Acoustics first introduced SLA battery powered amplifiers (portable Monitors and PA systems) under the Sunburst Gear brand. After many prototype iterations and a few models later, the EAE branded A1-4 battery powered mini Acoustic Amplifier was introduced Summer NAMM of 2015. Building on the success of the A1-4 Mini Acoustic Amplifier, several more different models were introduced in 2016.  The D6-8 battery powered Acoustic Amplifier with a built-in 6 channel digital mixer in was released in 2017.  After extensive research and testing (reliability and safety), in 2018, we announced upgrade models (MKIIs) with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LifePO4) and higher wattages.  The StompMix 6 battery powered Pedalboard Digital Mixer and the D6-58 120 watts battery powered acoustic amplifier were made available in 2019. In the same year, the StompMix 4 four channel pedalboard digital mixer is shipped. 2021 GigMix 4-1 mini digital Mixer was released. 2023 brings us some new models, A1-58 and A4-58 120 watt Lithium battery powered Acoustic amplifiers are shipping now.

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Categories Parts & Labor
Speakers and Amplifiers (excluding battery) 1 Year
Speaker batteries 90 days
Accessories: audio cables 1 Year
Accessories: cover bags, speaker stand 90 days

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D6-8 User Manual - English A4-8 User Manual - English A1-4 User Manual - English A2-5 User Manual - English