Compact Digital Mixer

Compact Digital Mixer

 The EAE GigMix 4-1 compact digital mixer is a four-channel mini digital mixer that can be used on table top or mounted on a Mic stand. It offers similar processing capabilities as the StompMix 4, but in a lighter Aluminum enclosure and without footswitches. GigMix 4-1 is powered by a 32-bit, 100Mhz DSP engine. On top of four-channel mixing capabilities, the GigMix 4-1 arms you with a range of utility functions. These include a input level monitoring, compressor, limiter, mid-sweepable EQ, Notch Filter, phase reverse and high-pass filter, alongside effects such as reverb and delay. 

StompMix - Compact Digital Mixer Pedals

The EAE StompMix line of compact Digital Mixer Pedals are designed for portability and flexibility. EAE has incorporating a full function digital mixer into compact stomp box designs. StompMix 4 is four channels and the StompMix X6 is six Channels. Both comes with Class A MIC preamplifiers, +48V for the MIC channels.  Each channels have controls for Gate, Compressor, EQ, Notch, Reverb level, Main Mix and Aux Mic levels. Both units have one assignable delay. The X6 pedalboard mixer also comes with Chorus and built-in Lithium Battery and Bluetooth.  The StompMix 4 mixer pedal has 2 assignable foot switches where the X6 battery powered pedalboard mixer allow for scenes change via the first 2 foot switches and the 3rd is for main output MUTE. This line of compact digital mixer pedals are perfect solution for musician’s on the go, a duet with 2 Guitars and/or two Mic inputs, a singer/songwriter needing 2-6 inputs in small package, or for guitarist with multiple pickup systems. 

X6 Digital pedalboard mixer

The GigMix 4-1 and StompMix 4 use the same firmware and DSP,

Comparison Chart: GigMix 4-1, StompMix 4, StompMix 6-2 and StompMix X6.

Features:GigMix 4-1StompMix 4StompMix 6-2StompMix X6
Mic InputsChan 1Chan 1/2 (Combo)Chan 1/2/3/4Chan 1/2/3/4
+48V NoneChan 1/2 (Combo)Chan 1/2/3/4Chan 1/2/3/4
PADNoneChan 1/2Chan 1/2/3/4Chan 1/2/3/4
Input Level ControlsChan 1/2/3/4Chan 1/2Chan1/2/3/4/5/6Chan 1/2/3/4/5/6
Analog Output Level ControlOutput 1NoneOutput 1Output 1 and Output 2
Foot SwitchesNoneA/BA/B/MUTEA/B/MUTE
High Z inputs Chan 2/3/4Chan 3/4Chan 1/2Chan 1/2
Line inputs Chan 1Chan 1/2 (Combo)Chan 3/4/5/6Chan 3/4/5/6
Built-in LFE Battery NoneNoneNoneYes
Bluetooth for StreamingNoneNoneNoneYes

“I run my entire live setup through the StompMix 4  and it fits in the palm of my hand.   I love it !”