Acoustic Amplifiers

Acoustic Amplifiers

EAE Acoustic Amplifiers - Selections

Elite Acoustics Engineering produces a few type of Acoustic Amplifiers and some of the most advanced acoustic amp in the market.

1) D6-8 PRO Acoustic Amp (AC powered, without battery) with build-in digital mixer

2) Battery Powered Acoustic Amplifiers using two different type of batteries,

a. Lithium Iron Phosphate (LifePO4) powered acoustic amp

b. Shielded Lead Acid (SLA) powered acoustic amp – Lithium Battery Upgraded Versions available.

LifePO4 batteries have much longer shelf life then the SLA (Shielded Lead Acid) type of battery and is consider the safest type of Lithium battery. LifePO4 batteries can also supply much more current then the SLA type battery enable for a higher wattage amplifier. While the 12V9A SLA battery (used on our older generation amplifiers) can supply about 3A of maximum current, with the LifePO4 design we incorporated, 10A or higher can be achieved for our Amplifiers.More details on LifePO4 battery can be found on this link. LifePO4 battery.

SLA is available widely at a very reasonable price and it is very stable.

Elite Acoustics (EAE) Acoustic Amplifier Comparison Chart:

RatingMixer TypeChanHigh ZBatteryOutputBluetoothWeightUSA price
D6-58 120wDigital62yes4yes28 LBs$1299*
D6-8 PRO 100wDigital62no4yes18 LBs$899*
D6-8 MKII Acoustic AmplifierD6-8 MKII80wDigital 62yes4yes30 LBs$849
A1-58120wAnalog31yes1no23 LBs$799*
A4-58120wAnalog41yes3yes25 LBs$1049*
A1-4 *U*20wAnalog3NAyes1yes14 LBs$349
A1-4 MKII40wAnalog3NAyes1yes14 LBs$399
A6-55100wAnalog62yes4yes30 LBs$899
M2-6 *U*50wAnalog41yes3yes26 LBs$599
A4-8 MKII80wAnalog4NAyes3yes28 LBs$699
A1-880wAnalog31yes1no18 LBs$499*

*Price Listed is for BLACK color finish only, Wood finish price is higher, Price may change anytime without notice.
*U* Upgraded and/owith LFP battery.
To purchase in the USA, please see our online shop.

Lithium Battery Powered Acoustic Amplifiers

Elite Acoustics Engineering manufactures a wide range for Lithium Battery Powered Acoustic Amplifiers with varies wattages and input/UI configurations. From 40 Watts A1-4 MKII to the  120 Watts D6-58, these amplifiers come with multiple inputs and analog/digital mixer. All built with Class-D Bi-Amp and Ported with 4″ to 8″ woofers.

EAE Acoustic Amplifiers (AC powered)

Protection Circuits and LifePo4 Battery Safety

We selected Lithium Iron Phosphate (LifePO 4) type of batteries for it’s advantages in safety properties and Long service life. LifePO4 is thermally and chemically stable, reliable without the possibility of lithium fires. LifePO4 batteries have long service life, with a shelf life that far exceeds the service life of many other batteries.  Lithium Iron Phosphate (LifePo4) batteries are “NOT” Lithium Polymer (LiPO, LIP, or Li-Poly) batteries.  Not only we enclosed the Batteries in a metal cage, we added many Battery Protection circuits – Over Voltage protection, Thermal Shutdown, Over Charge protection, Over Drain protection. The LifePO4 batteries are used in our products are UL safety approved and MSDS certified. More details on LifePO4 battery can be found on this linkLifePO4 battery.

Battery Powered Acoustic Amplifiers (with SLA battery)- Lithium battery upgraded versions available

Elite Acoustics Engineering first introduce Battery Powered Monitor under the Sunburst Gear Brand ( in 2012, since then, EAE manufactures a wide range for Battery Powered Acoustic Amplifiers using a 12V9A Shielded Lead Acid (SLA) battery. These systems ranges from 20W to 60W. Depending on the 4″, 5 1/4″, 6 1/2″ and 8″ woofers were used. All with Class-D Bi-Amp design and MDF wood cabinets. All models come with Digital EFX and Bluetooth.

Discontinued Products - Battery Powered Acoustic Amplifiers (with SLA battery)

As we make improvements to our product line, the following products are no longer being manufactured.