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Acoustic Amplifiers – Introducing our flagship product the 120W D6-58 Battery Powered Acoustic Amplifier . Building from our highly regarded D6-8,  our designers have incorporated the 6 channel full featured programmable Digital Mixer with our new high efficient Class-D amplifier and Lithium Battery designs. Making the D6-58 the most powerful battery powered acoustic amplifier in the market.   A highly intuitive UI with extensive dedicated parameter control empowers any discerning artist to unleash studio-quality performances in any venue. The powerful 32-bit DSP engine provides a compressor, gate, mid sweepable EQ, high Pass Filter, Notch Filter, Phase reverse to each of the 4 Class-A solid-state Mic pre-amps. Whether if you are looking for a practice amp, a battery powered busking amp, a stage monitor, the D6-58 can meet all those needs.

EAE D6-58 120 Watt Acoustic Guitar and Vocal Amplifier

Pedalboard Mixers – Now available with Shimmer reverb (v1.02) – The StompMix 4 is powered by a 32-bit 100Mhz DSP engine, boasts a full color display  and enclosed in a compact and sturdy Diecasting Pedal box.

Arming you with 4 input channels and 4 outputs of mixing capabilities, the pedal provides a range of utilities including reverb, compressor, limiter, EQ with Mid Sweep, high-pass, notch filter, and phase reverse.

Adding to the flexibility are two assignable footswitches, two Class A solid-state mic pre-amps with Trim/PAD and +48V phantom power, a pair of 1/4″ TS line inputs, and two sets of stereo mix.  The 1/8” outputs are coupled as Headphone outputs.

EAE StompMix 4 Four Channels Digital Mixer Pedal

“The A1-4 MKII is the perfect amp for me. It has all the volume and low end I need in a beautifully small and light package. I’ll be using this for jams at the park, busking in the subway, and at gigs as my own stage monitor. Everything I put through it sounds incredible.

Kaki King American Guitarist and Composer

Kaki King American Guitarist and Composer


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