Elite Acoustics Engineering Inc.

Battery Powered Acoustic Amplifiers and Compact Digital Mixers

Introducing our flagship product the 120W D6-58 Battery Powered Acoustic Amplifier . Building from our highly regarded D6-8,  our designers have incorporated the 6 channel full featured programmable Digital Mixer with our new high efficient Class-D amplifier and Lithium Battery designs. Making the D6-58 the most powerful battery powered acoustic amplifier in the market.   A highly intuitive UI with extensive dedicated parameter control empowers any discerning artist to unleash studio-quality performances in any venue. The powerful 32-bit DSP engine provides a compressor, gate, mid sweepable EQ, high Pass Filter, Notch Filter, Phase reverse to each of the 4 Class-A solid-state Mic pre-amps. Whether if you are looking for a practice amp, a battery powered busking amp, a stage monitor, the D6-58 can meet all those needs.

EAE D6-58 120 Watt Acoustic Guitar and Vocal Amplifier

Now available with Shimmer reverb (v1.02) – The StompMix 4 is powered by a 32-bit 100Mhz DSP engine, boasts a full color display  and enclosed in a compact and sturdy Diecasting Pedal box.

Arming you with 4 input channels and 4 outputs of mixing capabilities, the pedal provides a range of utilities including reverb, compressor, limiter, EQ with Mid Sweep, high-pass, notch filter, and phase reverse.

Adding to the flexibility are two assignable footswitches, two Class A solid-state mic pre-amps with Trim/PAD and +48V phantom power, a pair of 1/4″ TS line inputs, and two sets of stereo mix.  The 1/8” outputs are coupled as Headphone outputs.

EAE StompMix 4 Four Channels Digital Mixer Pedal

New Products

Advantage of LifePO4 battery over SLA type battery

We choose Lithium Iron Phosphate (LifePO 4) type of batteries for it’s advantages in safety properties and Long service life. LifePO4 is thermally and chemically stable, reliable without the possibility of lithium fires. LifePO4 batteries have long service life, with a shelf life that far exceeds the service life of many other batteries. For more protection again mishaps, we added many Battery Protection circuits – Over Voltage protection, Thermal Shutdown, Over Charge protection, Over Drain protection. The A6-55 batteries are UL safety approved and MSDS certified. LifePO4 batteries have much longer shelf life then the SLA (Shielded Lead Acid) type of battery and is consider the safest type of Lithium battery. LifePO4 batteries can also supply much more current then the SLA type battery enable for a higher wattage amplifier. While the 12V9A SLA battery (used on most these type of battery powered amplifier and our older generation amplifiers) can supply about 3A of maximum current, with the LifePO4 design we incorporated, 10A or higher can be achieved for our Amplifiers.

Elite Acoustics Engineering Inc. Brands and Products

Incorporated since 2010, Elite Acoustics Engineering inc.  first introduce the Sunburst Gear (www.sunburstgear.net) line of cables in 2010 and Battery Powered Monitors in 2012. The “EAE” brand of Battery Powered Acoustic Amplifiers were introduced in Summer NAMM 2013.