EAE Large Cab SKUs


While maintaining portability and versatility, A4-8 goes to the limit in delivering a superior audio experience.  Our 8-inch LF driver promotes stunning bass response, which, combined with A4-8’s higher efficiency silk-done tweeter retains and fully articulates every nuance of your musicality.  The resulting perfect clarity and sonic imaging cuts through all genres creating shimmering acoustic and expressive vocal performances.   The end result is truly uncompromising audio quality that preserves artistic intentions and inspires creativity.


The most comprehensive portable sound system currently produced, D6-8 offers extreme versatility without compromise.  Our designers have incorporated a full featured programmable Digital Mixer with Effects and Custom Display into our A4-8 sonic platform.   A highly intuitive UI with extensive dedicated parameter control empowers any discerning artist to unleash studio-quality performances in any venue.   D6-8 stores and manages your parameter settings allowing instant access to that perfect mix.  Simply put, D6 is unrivaled in performance and versatility.