EAE StompMix 4 Digital Mixer Pedal

EAE StompMix 4 Digital Mixer Pedal

EAE StompMIX 4 digital Mixer Pedal

StompMIX 4 - Four channels Floor Digital Mixer

The StompMix 4 is built with a powerful 32-bit 100Mhz DSP engine and a compact lightweight stomp box package.  The StompMix 4 offers a full featured, highly intuitive four channels Digital Mixer with a Color Display.  The DSP engine provides a compressor, limiter, Mid sweepable EQ, Highpass Filter, Notch Filter, Phase reverse to each of the 4 inputs. Analog inputs consisted of 2 Class A solid-state Mic pre-amps with +48V Phantom power and two 1/4″ TS line inputs.  Two sets of stereo Mix outputs are selectable between a 1/8″ TRS jack and 2 1/4″ TS jacks .  2 Footswitches with assignable functions.

Some Screen Shots from the StompMix 4 DSP engine. We may update our firmware to add functions as we get feedback from our customers.

StompMix 4 Four Channel Digital Mixer Pedal Features

  • 4-Channel Full-Featured Digital Mixer
  • 10 user scene memories.
  • Color display
  • Input Level Monitoring
  • 2 Class-A Mic inputs with TRIM and PAD (CHAN 1 and 2)
  • 2 LINE inputs (CHAN 3 and 4)
  • +48V Phantom Power
  • Independent Reverb effect on each channel
  • 2 notch filter available on each channel
  • High Pass Filter and Phase Reverse on each channel
  • Noise Gate and Compressor on each channel
  • 3 Band EQ with Sweepable MID on each channel
  • Max 1 second Delay with Tap Tempo (assign to one Channel at a time)
  • Assignable Footswitch functions (MUTE channels, EFX by-pass, Tap Tempo, Scene change etc)
  • Output 1 (L/R TS 1/4″ jacks)
  • Output 2 (Stereo TRS 1/8″ jack)
  • Output 2 can be used for Headphones
  • Main MIX and AUX MIX
  • Scenes Change  – via Footswitches.
  • Diecasting Metal chassis
  • AC/DC power supply included
  • Support 9VDC to 12VDC power inputs (Center Positive)
  • Designed and assembled in USA


Check out these videos,

Frequent Questions and more


  • 1) Can +9VDC be used to power the StompMix 4?
  • – Yes, just make sure it is Center Positive.
  • 2) Can I plug Passive Pickups directly into the StompMix4?
  • – No, StompMix 4 only support Active Pickups.
  • 3)  Too Much Hiss on the outputs?
  • – Make sure the GAIN level knobs for Chan 1 and Chan 2 are NOT at MAX.
  • – Reduce the MIX input level to be about 12 o’clock for each channel.
  • – Check for possible Ground Loops
  • – Make sure to use Active Pickups.
  • – Make sure output is “NOT” going into High Impedance Inputs on your Amplifier or PA system. Outputs from StompMix 4 should be connected to Line Inputs on the Amplifier or PA system.
  • 4) Can Delay be used on all channels?
  • – No, Delay can only be used one channel at a time. It is assignable.
  • 5) Can Chan 3 and 4 be used for Guitar with Passive Pickup?
  • – No.
  • *** CHAN 3 and CHAN 4 (TS jacks) *** support LINE input only, we don’t recommend to use these for Passive Pickups.
  • 6) Should I use MONO cable or Stereo Cable for the 1/4″ outputs?
  • – use MONO cables.
  • *** OUTPUT 1 and 2  (TS jacks) *** these are LINE level outputs, not recommend to connect to High Impedance Input.
  • 7) How do I set the EQ on each channel?
  • – click the Encoder Knob (blue) to access the EQ settings.
  • 8) Does StompMix4 support Tap Tempo?
  • – Yes.
  • 9) Digital noise on outputs
  • – Check for possible Ground Loops.
  • 10) Is output 2 (1/8″ jack) Stereo?
  • – Yes, it is a TRS jack, Tip is Aux Left and Ring is Aux Right.
StompMIX 4 Version v1.00 User Manual

StompMix 4 - Firmware V1.01

“Updating unit will Erase all saved Pre-sets.”

Download and Run the .exe file, and follow the instructions.

1) Make sure unit is on MAIN Mix screen.

2) Connect the StompMix 4 USB

3) Run the update, (few seconds), it will ask you to wait for the StompMix 4 to re-initialize, but this will erase all your previous pre-sets.

4) once unit finish the updated, it will return to the Main MIX screen, you can check the Version by HOLDING down the SYSTEM switch.

What is NEW – This is to bring StompMix 4 units to firmware version 1.01. Changes from 1.00 are the following:

– Added popup window for memory recall via foot switches. When the foot switches are assigned to “M- M+” if pressing a foot switch results in a memory being loaded (at least two memories are not empty), a page pops up showing the number of the recalled memory in large font.

– Added “1-4   FX” mode in the footswitch assign list. In this mode footswitch A mutes all channels at once and footswitch B mutes both the reverb and the delay at once.

– Added “M<  >A” mode to the output routing list for both Out1 and Out2. In this mode the left side of the output jack gets a mono version of the main mix, while the right side gets a mono version on the aux mix.  – you can now route your Dry signal using the Aux Mix and send it out on OUTPUT 1 MONO Right.

StompMix 4 - V1.01 updaterStompMix 4 - V1.01 user manual
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