A6-55 100W Battery Powered Amp.

If you are looking for a battery powered busking Amplifier, the A6-55 will fit all your needs. The EAE A655 100W Stereo Acoustic Instrument and Vocal Amplifier offers  6 input channels with extensive mix control.  Total 4 MIC inputs, 6 Line inputs, and Main/Aux mix outputs. 16 selectable effects with parameter controls.  Coupling with EFX loops on Chan 1/2, an Aux Mix SEND/RETURN allow for external Effect Process to be added with ease.  The A6-55 is a perfect companion for a traveling musician that have many gigs with various venues.




EAE A6-55 100 Watt Acoustic Guitar and Vocal Amplifier

D6-8 Acoustic Amp with Digital Mixer

The D6-8 Battery Powered Acoustic Amplifier offers extreme versatility without compromise. Our designers have incorporated a full featured programmable Digital Mixer with Effects and Color Display into our A4-8 sonic platform. A highly intuitive UI with extensive dedicated parameter control empowers any discerning artist to unleash studio-quality performances in any venue. The powerful 32-bit DSP engine provides a compressor, gate, mid sweepable EQ, high Pass Filter, Notch Filter, Phase reverse to each of the 4 Class-A solid-state Mic pre-amps. D6-8 stores and manages your parameter settings allowing instant access to that perfect mix. Whether if you are looking for a practice amp, a battery powered busking amp, a stage monitor, the D6-8 can meet all those needs. The D6-8 will amplify your performances any where!



EAE D6-8 Acoustics Guitar Amplifier